Distance Students

Distance students have full access to the Library, just as any on-campus student. They may request physical resources, which the Library staff will mail to them, via media mail, by visiting TREE and selecting Request Library Materials in the Mail under the Services and Students tabs. The Library will pay the postage for all resources mailed to students. However, students are expected to pay the postage for resources mailed back to RPTS by media mail. Library staff reserve the right to decline mailing resources to students outside of the United States. Staff will assess these requests on a case-by-case basis and based on student needs, postage costs, and customs requirements.

Distance students also have full access to all subscription and free online resources.

If distance students need to speak with a member of the Library staff they may do so by phone (412-731-6000 ext. 5), email (library@rpts.edu), or by live chat on TREE.