Book Sale Shelves

The Library sells books and other materials to its patrons. These items may be found in the Seminary basement. Prices are marked on the inside front cover (sometimes the front cover). The sources of these items include gifts which are duplicates or unneeded by the library and books which have been weeded from the collection (oftentimes replaced by better copies).

Books in the left section of the shelves are priced as indicated, in the middle section at one half the indicated price, and, in the right section, they are free. Payment for book sale items should be deposited in the deposit box to the left of the book sale shelf (next to the back staircase). Place your money in one of the envelopes provided at the deposit box before making your deposit. We accept IOUs for payment, but we expect purchasers to pay up in a prompt manner. Clearly indicate your name, the date of purchase, and the price on the IOU slip before leaving it in the box. When paying an IOU, give your money to a staff member or indicate that your payment is to cover an IOU.